For these innovative viewing rooms, London Art Week has taken inspiration from museum exhibitions and galleries to present works grouped together by artistic period and movement. The rooms mix the wide variety of media found throughout London Art Week – sculpture, paintings, drawings and objects – drawn from across our participants’ individual exhibitions and specialisations.  


This collegial, curated approach was devised by the London Art Week team to enliven the experience of perusing art online, enhance the pleasure of discovery and facilitate for the viewer new encounters - with artists, works of art, dealers, and auction houses.  We have also created three unique rooms; one features a single highlight from every participant in London Art Week, and another the theme of woman as artist and muse, whilst a third reveals a wide range of works priced below £30,000.  For newcomers to the pre-contemporary art world, or those with a broad-minded collecting habit, these would be a good place to start your London Art Week experience.



Coming soon

Please check back soon for details about our next viewing room.